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Joint County and City Neighbourhood Watch Conference 2013
NottsWatch and CNNWC agree to amalgamate
NottsWatch and CNNWC (City) joint Conference 2012
NEW Skate Boarding Session
BBC1 to feature Radcliffe-0n-Trent NW
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Registration is restricted to residents of North Nottinghamhsire as well as people who work in the area.  On completion of this registration, which requires you to verify your email address (check your in-box for email after submitting), you will have limited access for 14 days.  If you do not receive a confirmation email for your 14 day limited access, please check you have filled in your email address correctly on the registration page by logging in with the Username and Password you chose.

A user verification password letter will then be hand delivered to you by a Police Beat Manager, a PCSO or an authorised member of the Neighbourhood Watch or, if you prefer to receive the registration letter by post, click the "Please POST my activation code
" box on the form below.  The letter contains a code which, when entered allows you full access beyond the 14 days to the Rushcliffe Community website and also to additional features.

So, then, login with your Username and Password and enter your verification code before the 14 days pass, to give yourself full access to the website beyond the 14 days and also to the additional features.  Perhaps you may even wish to create your own virtual scheme within the site and share local information with your neighbours?

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